WESENBECK,M. (1531-1586), In Pandectas et Codicem Paratitla. Basel 1599.

WESENBECK,M. (1531-1586), In Pandectas et Codicem Paratitla. Basel 1599.

WESENBECIUS, Matthaeus (1531-1586), In Pandectas iuris civilis et Codicis Iustinianei libros XII. commentarii: olim Paratitla dicti. Nunc ex postrema ipsius Authoris necnon aliorum quorundam Iurisconsultorum recognitione multo quam antehac emendatius editi. Basel, sumptibus Wpiscopaniorum & Ioan. Gymnici, 1599. 8vo. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2010) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (6), 1.032, (24) Spalten; Ttlbl., (2), 218, (8) Sp. 2 parts in one halflinen-volume. Order-no.: IC-12 ISBN 3-936840-20-2 available ISBN: 3-936840-20-2


Order Number: 502DB

Most important Paratitla of the Roman Law in the 16th century! Matthaeus Wesembeck, educated at the University of Löwen, went on to teach at the University of Jena, before succeeding Johannes Schneidewin (1519-1568, see Vico-7) in Wittenberg in 1569. His Paratitla became the leading textbook in Germany. The compendium presents the Digest and the Codex in the legal structure. Altogether the Paratitla constitute an introductory textbook that explains the individual laws rather than an explanatory commentary. With the presentation of individual titles Wesembeck follows an order of his own: in methodum cogendae. His methods were to dominate well into the 18th century (Stintzing I,357). Wesembeck’s approach is regarded as being close to that of Pierre Ramus. His loci dialectici contain 9 steps: 1. Definitio 2. Divisio 3. Causa efficiens 4. Materia 5. Forma 6. Finis atque effectus 7. Actiones quae nascantur, quibus, contra quos, ad quid competant 8. Cognata et adjacentia 9. Contraria Under the title Paratitla the work first appeared in Basel in 1565 and together with the commentary on the Codex Iustinianus revised and repeatedly emended from 1582 under the title Commentarii.

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