SCHULTING,A.(1659-1734), Notae ad Digesta. 8 Bde., Leiden 1804-35.

SCHULTING,A.(1659-1734), Notae ad Digesta. 8 Bde., Leiden 1804-35.

SCHULTING, Anton (1659-1734), Notae ad Digesta seu Pandectas edidit atque animadversiones suas adjecit Nicolas Smallenburg. With an introduction of Prof. Dr. Govaert C.J.J. van den BERGH, University at Nijmegen. Tomus primus (….septimus pars secundus). Leiden, Hankipianis, S. & J. Luchtmans, 1804-1835. 8vo. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2009) Zusammen XXII, 5.092 S. 7 parts in 8 half linen-volumes. Order-no.: IC-5 ISBN 978-3-940176-12-7 available ISBN: 3-936840-04-0


Order Number: 498DB

Thesaurus of European Learning as an Index Emendationum! Following the edition of the Codex Florentinus, a great deal of erudition and immense dedication went into preparing a possible critical edition of the digest. Dionysius Gothofredus (1549-1622) was the first to try his hand in 1583, which led to a compromise between Littera vulgata and Littera florentina. In the 18th century, scholars felt themselves equal to the task and, thanks to the wide-ranging research, in a position to carry out the undertaking. The sheer volume of the literature seemed to have no end, with Schulting and Smallenburg finally collecting a total of 827 jurist writers with more than 2.500 works. In his introduction, van den Bergh presents the reader with how Schulting`s notes on the entire Corpus iuris civilis about. The outcome was a scholarly achievement that he ranks equal to Rabel-Levy`s Index Interpolationum. Van den Bergh also goes into the edition history and presents the reasons why this work, monumental and indispensable for working on the Corpus iuris civilis as it is, remained largely unknown in Germany.

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