DIGESTUM VETUS – Ausgabe Paris 1523: November: Blaublommius-B. Rembolt.

DIGESTUM VETUS - Ausgabe Paris 1523: November: Blaublommius-B. Rembolt.

DIGESTUM VETUS – Blaublommius Digestorum seu Pandectarum Imperatoris Justiniani Prima pars/ quam Digestum Vetus appellant: ad vetustorum exemplarium/ cum impressorum/ tum scriptorum fidem: probatissimorum authorum citationem: ac demum doctorum virorum adnotationes maxima diligentia castigata. Paris: Prostat in alma Parisiorum Lutetia: apud Claudium Chevallon: in via ad divum Jacobum: sub Sole aureo, 1523, November. 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet von Rembolt mit schöner Holzschnittbordüre in Rot-Schwarz-Druck, verso: 12ungezählte Blätter: Tabula materiarum in Glossis contentarum, Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-42 ISBN 978-3-940176-28-8 available


Order Number: 457DB

Very beautiful Digest edition that reflects the scholarly work in the age of humanist jurisprudence. Blaublomm, a learned printer, had already printed the Digestum Vetus up to leaf 131 when he was given an important manuscript containing the notae Politiani. He suspended printing, corrected the subsequent text and inserted the preceding comments on a separate leaf. The Blaublomm print is an extremely rare edition, in part this edition is only now being incorporated in the edition history of the Digest (Troje, Crisis Digestorum, Frankfurt am Main 2011). Eduard Schrader drew the attention of scholars working on the reconstruction of the edition history of the Digest to the “Blaublomm edition”; shortly after Ernst Spangenberg did likewise in his magnificent general presentation of all the Corpus iuris civilis editions. Schrader placed the Editio Blaublomii at the head of the “more recent editions”. According to the preface, for his Editio Blaublommiana Blaublomm used not only an older collation of the Florentine manuscript but also seven printed editions and three manuscripts, two of which had been borrowed from a monastery near Paris. The editor also included many critical notes, especially by Budäus and Alciat.”

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