BRISSON,B. (1531-1591), Lexicon iuris, Halle 1743: Joh. G. Heineccius.

BRISSON,B. (1531-1591), Lexicon iuris, Halle 1743: Joh. G. Heineccius.

BRISSON, Barnabas (1531-1591), De verborum quae ad ius civile pertinent significatione Prodit opera studioque Io. Gottliebii HEINECCII. Praemissa praefatione nova De interpretationis grammaticae in iure civili fatis et vario usu nec non huius novae editionis praerogativis Iusti Henningi BÖHMERI. Halle (Halae Magdeburgicae), Impensis Orphanotrophei, 1743. Folio. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2013) Titelkupfer mit Portrait von Brisson und Heineccius, Ttlbl. in Rot-Schwarz-Druck, XXXXVIII, 1436 S. Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-157 ISBN 978-3-86303161-9 lieferbar Best and very learned encyclopaedia for the corpus iuris civilis in the last edition! ISBN: 3-936840-24-5


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The most important, and surely also most outstanding legal lexicon of the 16th century was written by the highly learned French legal scholar and judge Barnabas Brisson. It is an extremely important philological-legal lexicon, indispensable for any text-critical work on the Corpus iuris civilis. The role, significance and contents of this lexicon iuridicum and also the history of legal lexicons is explored in the introductory essay by J. H. Böhmer (1674-1749): Über Grundlagen und Gebrauch der grammatischen Interpretation im römischen Recht. The main task of the jurist is without doubt the interpretation of the law text. The classical Roman jurist Celsus hits the nail full on the head: scire leges non hoc est, verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem. This legal lexicon remains an outstanding tool to the present day.

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