ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), Responsa nunquam antehac excusa. Lyon 1561.

ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), Responsa nunquam antehac excusa. Lyon 1561.

ALCIAT, Andreas (1492-1550), Responsa nunquam antehac excusa. With an introduction of Dr. iur. Jochen OTTO, lawyer in Frankfurt am Main. Lyon, Petrus Fradin, Unter dem Zeichen des aufrechten Löwen, 1561. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2012) Ttlbl. mit Druckersignet, XII, (11) S.; (1), 469, (20) gezählte Blätter. 786 responsa in one half linen-volume. Order-no.: IC-2 ISBN 3-936840-91-6 avialable ISBN: 3-936840-01-6


Order Number: 434DB

Andreas Alciat first studied Latein and Greek before talking up law studies in Pavia from 1507. After moving to Bologna University, he took his doctorate in Ferrara in 1516, and went on to practise as an advocate in Milan. In 1518 he received a call to Avignon University, where he taught law until 1522, with a break in 1521 owing to an outbreak of the plague. He returned to Avignon in 1527 to take up teaching again. His breakthrough as the leading Euopean jurist followd a call to Bourges in 1529. In 1533 he returned to Milan University in Pavia, where he taught until his death apart a break in Ferrara (1541-46). Alciat was also widely sought after his legal opinions. His consilia were first edited posthumously in 1561. Alciat strongly opposed the general publication of his consilia, saying that their very nature rendered them biased. The volume of consilia subsequently edited by his nephew Franciscus Alciat later triggered the controversy over the possible conflict between learned and applied jurisprudence.

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