ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), DIGESTA Iustiniani – Ausgabe Basel 1541: Hervagius

ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), DIGESTA Iustiniani - Ausgabe Basel 1541: Hervagius

ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), Digesta Iustiniani – PANDECTARUM, SEU DIGESTORUM DN. IUSTINIANI IMP. LIBRI QUINQUAGINTA, NON SOLUM AD EDITIONEM GREGORII HALOANDRI DILIGENTER collati, sed & Andreae ALCIATI Iureconsultorum nostra aetate decoris, consilio iudicioque in quam plurimis locis feliciter recogniti, adiectis eiusdem beneficentia MODESTINI Responsis graecis, in titulo de EXCUSATIONIBUS tutorum hactenus desideratis nec umquam antea editis. Basel, Apud Io. Hervagium, 1541. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (9), 1.511 S. Halbleinen. Order-no.: IC-16 ISBN 978-3-940176-30-1 lieferbar Very important edition of the Digesta Iustiniani, littera Hervagiana, edited by Andreas Alciat! ISBN: 3-936840-23-7


Order Number: 432DB

The era of humanist jurisprudence had the reconstruction of the Justinian law books in their original form as its goal. Alciat, the founder of humanist jurisprudence, shone with his text-critical works: Andreas (Alciatus) prisco reddit sua law nitori. The comparison of text variants also grew in importance. The first great legal scholar with a text-critical edition of the Corpus iuris civilis was the German jurist Gregor Haloander (1501-1531), who edited his digest edition in the Nuremberg in 1529 (see Vico-6). Until the edition of the Codex Florentinus in 1553 Alciat’s Corpus-iuris-civilis edition printed by Hervagius in Basel played a significant role. In particular the Graeca Modestiniana, which were published here for the first time, aroused the then specialist world, especially as a breach of trust had clearly led to a premature publishing of these passages from the Codex Florentinus. How Alciat came by these Graeca has remained a mystery to the present day. The Basel 1541 digest edition constitutes the state of the art of text-critical research prior to the Editio Taurelliana of 1553. The work is based on the research outside or close to the Codex Florentinus and gives us a fascinating insight into the work of the jurists of that age. An important component in the reconstruction of the edition history of the Justinian law books.

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