STATUTA IN EUROPA – Tractatus de statutis diversorum Autorum. Frankfurt 1606.

STATUTA IN EUROPA - Tractatus de statutis diversorum Autorum. Frankfurt 1606.

STATUTA IN EUROPA – Tractatus de statutis diversorum Autorum et JC. in Europa praestantissimorum. quo quicquid Iuris Statutarii controversiarum, vel circa Iudicorum ordinem, vel obligationes & contractus, vel etiam testamenta & successiones, vel denique ipsam delictorum materiam ubique, in foro maxime & Scholiis, luculentis decisionibus extricatur. Frankfurt am Main, In . ex officina Wolffgangi Richteri, curante Iohanne Theobaldo Schönwettero & Conrado Meulio civibus, 1606. 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 2014) Titelblatt mit Vignette, (4), 1.100, (88) S. Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-94 (IPR-100) ISBN 978-3-86303-346-0 available


Order Number: 3766HB

Some 800 years have passed since a minor comment in the Glossa Magna by Accursius (circa 1185-1263) on the Corpus iuris civilis triggered a development which is gaining ever more importance in today’s trend towards globalization and transnational regulations: the international private law. This field of law boasts not only a proud tradition: the outstanding national and international jurists continued to devote their efforts to international private law or conflict of laws: Accursius, Bartolus de Saxoferrato and with him practically every luminary of the late Middle Ages, in the early modern age: Argentré, Tiraqueau, Voet, Huber or the German jurists such as Brunnemann, Stryk or Cocceji. The modern theory of international private law, founded by none other than Friedrich Carl von Savigny (1779-1861), was fostered to no small extent by Joseph Story, Francois Laurent, Joseph H. Beale, all jurists of the 19th century with outstanding reputations beyond their national borders. The “Statuta in Europa” reflects the status of the legal literature at the dawn of the 17th century. At the same time, it presents the development of international private international law, statute theory, from Accursius and Bartolus through to the 17th century. bound with: Albericus de Rosate Bartolus de Saxo Ferrato Georgius Natta Baldus Perusinus Albertus Brunus Iohannes Campegius Laurus de Palatiis

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