LEVI,L., International Commercial Law. 2 Bde. London 1863.

LEVI,L., International Commercial Law. 2 Bde. London 1863.

LEVI, Leone, International Commercial Law being the Principles of Mercantile Law of the following and other Countries, viz.: England, Scotland, Ireland, British India, British Colonies, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Denmark. France, Germany, Greece, Hans Towns, Italy. Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Prussia, Russia. Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Wurtemburg. Second edition. Vol. I. (…II.) London, V. and R. Stevens, Sons, and Haynes, Law Booksellers and Publishers, 26, Bell Yard, Lincoln`s Inn, 1863. Oktav. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2012) (1:) LII, 508 S.; (2:) S. 509-1.154 2 Hlwdbde. order-no.: IPR-74 (2nd series: 45) ISBN 978-3-86303-285-9 lieferbar/available


Order Number: 2958AB

Leone LEVI, of Lincoln`s Inn, Barrister-At-Law-, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Commerce in King`s College, London; Doctor of political Economy, Tübingen, verfasste diese rechtsvergleichende Studie zum Europäischen Handelsrecht. 1. Sources if commercial law 2. Commercial Laws of the British Empire 3. Commercial Laws of Foreign Countries Es folgen 30 Kapitel, in denen im internationalen Vergleich das Internationale Handelsrecht dargelegt wird.

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