AZO (gest. 1235), Summa Azonis, Venedig 1581.

AZO (gest. 1235), Summa Azonis, Venedig 1581.

AZO (gest. 1235), Summa Azonis. Locuples iuris civilis thesaurus. Quibus accedunt quarundam veterum Apostillarum & additionum castigationes nec non quaedam annotatiunculae marginales a D.Henrico DREASIO LL.Licentiato in gratiam Tyronum adiectae ut subjecta epistola latius delarat. Accessere insuper eisudem AZONIS quaestiones, quae Brocardicae appellantur. Venedig, Sub signo Angeli Raphaelis, 1581. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (78), 1.288 Spalten; 170 Spalten. 2 parts in one Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-22 ISBN 3-936840-29-6 available Classic of the European Law Literature and a highlight of the era of Glossators! – Klassiker der Europäischen Rechtsliteratur und Höhepunkt der Glossatorenzeit ! ISBN: 3-936840-29-6


Order Number: 29325AB

The most well-known work of Azo’s (Savigny: the Summa established and maintained the great fame of Azo) and one of the most important main works of European legal literature is the Summa Azonis, a textbook-like introduction to the Justinian law books. The epoch of the glossators culminates with the Glossa Accursiana and the Summa Azonis in a last great peak. Summa are summarizing presentations of the material of a title to the sources, here the parts of the Corpus iuris civilis. Based on the legal structure of the individual law books, an overall view is provided of the legal code. The print edition of the Summa Azonis was one of the most successful legal works ever, the Summa Azonis was still being reprinted in the 17th century. The Summa Azonis was a work for both legal teaching and legal practice: chi non ha Azzo, non vada a Palazzo. Savigny V,33ff. Coing, Handbuch I, 202 (P. Weimar): Azo Portius mit weiteren Angaben.

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