CUJAS,J.(1522-1590), Observationum et Emendationum libri XXVIII, Halle 1737.

CUJAS,J.(1522-1590), Observationum et Emendationum libri XXVIII, Halle 1737.

CUJAS, Jacques (1522-1590), Observationum et Emendationum lib. XXVIII. Accessere Auctorum citationes, locorum Graecorum interpretationes et novi indices. Praefationem De Cuiacii adverasriis et obtrectatoribus praemisit Io. Gottl. HEINECCIUS. Halle, Impensis Orphanotrophei, 1737. 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2015) Ttlbl., XXXIV, 928, (88) S. Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-233 ISBN 978-3-86303-189-3 available


Order Number: 22600AB

Soon after the edition of the Codex Florentinus in 1553, Jacques Cujas embarked on this original text on European civil law in its legal, critical and historical aspects. When he was forced to leave the University of Bourges, he accepted a chair in Valence. There he wrote the first books of his great work: Observationes et emendationes. 1556 saw the publication of the first book, which was completed postum with liber XXVIII in 1595 (in 1585 during his lifetime with liber XXIV). The work “is second to none …” (Spangenberg). It dealt with the Justinian lawbooks, especially the Digest, with such a degree of erudition that it was awarded the accolade opus incomparabile. Cujas was the first to include Byzantine legal sources, in particular the Basilika, Accursius’ Glossa ordinaria (about 1185-1263) is frequently improved, the Codex Florentinus used as a definitive but not exclusive source. All in all, Cujas strives not only to reconstruct the original Justinian text, the goal of all textual criticism, but-above and beyond that-to have the ratio iuris accepted as an influential criterion in addition to the scriptura. The iudicium eruditorum is to serve as the guideline within legal science as a whole and also within textual criticism (Troje). The work was printed anew with a preface by the most important German jurist of the 18th century, Johann Gottlieb Heineccius (1681-1741), in Halle in 1737, with improvements in the allegationes making the work much more usable. In addition, this edition stands out for the introductory preface by Heineccius.

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