SPANGENBERG,E., Corpus iuris civilis Romani. Hannover 1817.

SPANGENBERG,E., Corpus iuris civilis Romani. Hannover 1817.

SPANGENBERG, Ernst (1784-1833), Einleitung in das Römisch = Justinianeische Rechtsbuch oder Corpus juris civilis Romani, handelndvon dessen Quellen, Entstehung, Plan, Verbreitung, gesetzlicher Kraft in Teutschland, Verhältnisse zu den übrigen teutschen Rechtsquellen, Auslegung, exegetischen und critischen Bearbeitungen, Uebersetzungen, Handschriften, und Ausgaben. Hannover bey den Brüdern Hahn, 1817. 8vo. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014) XVI, 960 S. Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-351 ISBN 3-936840-82-2 available


Order Number: 500DB

Spangenberg’s father had already made an important contribution to the editing of the corpus iuris civilis by taking over the unfinished work of Gebauer following his untimely death and completing it in 1796. The Gebauer-Spangenberg edition of the corpus iuris civilis marks the last great peak of an edition borne by the spirit of humanist jurisprudence. Ernst Spangenberg also used his father’s work and wrote the most comprehensive introduction to the Justinian code. The bibliographic listing of Corpus-iuris-civilis editions, 582 in all, is invaluable. As a whole, the work has lost hardly any of its actuality. It remains an essential manual also for present-day scholars.

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