ROTA ROMANA, Decisiones novae, antiquae et antiquiores. Köln 1581.

ROTA ROMANA, Decisiones novae, antiquae et antiquiores. Köln 1581.

ROTA ROMANA – Do(minorum) de rota decisiones novae, antiquae et antiquiores. Exactissime ex vetustissimis Manuscriptis Exemplaribus emendatae, & ex his compluta inserta, atque omnia ex ordine collocata. Accesserunt praeterea suo ordine in finem cuiuslibet Decisionis Do. Petri Rebuffi, Camilli Mellae, Ant. Mariae Papazon, Guliel. Realis, et aliorum Doctissimorum Virorum, Additiones. Editio postrema, longe castigatior, quam priores omnes fuerunt. Köln (Coloniae Agrippinae), Apud Ioannem Gymnicum, sub Moncerote, 1581. 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2012) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (100), 655 S. Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-39 ISBN 3-936840-46-6 lieferbar / available Most important collection of legal verdicts of the important mediaeval court! ISBN: 3-936840-46-6


Bestellnummer: 496DB

The Rota Romana, the supreme papal court, very rapidly developed the most important medieval verdicts, which served as the model for the structure of courts and law throughout Europe. The Rota Romana, whose most important collection is presented here, was tightly and well organized and stood out for the extremely high competence of its judges. At the end of the 13th century it was a permanent institution within the church and served to ease the load on the popes. From the 14th century the court, whose name Rota is derived from the wheel-shaped layout of the courtroom at the papal palace in Avignon, collected the verdicts (decisiones) its handed down. These decisiones were circulated in manuscripts across Europe, the print editions underlined the great authority of the Rota Romana’s rulings well into the 18 century. Bedeutendste Rechtsprechungssammlung des wichtigsten mittelalterlichen Gerichtes!

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