PLACENTINUS (gest. 1192), Summa Codicis, Mainz 1536: Ivo Schöffer.

PLACENTINUS (gest. 1192), Summa Codicis, Mainz 1536: Ivo Schöffer.

PLACENTINUS (gest. 1192), In Codicis DN. Iustiniani sacratissimi principis ex repetita praelectione libros IX. Summa a Placentino legum interprete excellentissimo, ante 400. ferme annos conscripta, et nunc primum in lucem aedita. Accessit praeterea index geminus, in quo omnes huius summae tituli, non tam secundum librorum, quam secundum alphabeti ordinem, pulcherrime demonstrantur. Mainz (Moguntiae), In officina Ivonis Schoeffer, 1536, mense Martio. 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2012) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (24), 1 weißes Blatt, 454 S. Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-48 ISBN 3-936840-97-0 available


Order Number: 495DB

The aim of a Summa Codicis is to provide a comprehensive and systematic record of the Ius Romanum, following the order of the statutes in the Codex Iustinianus. The Summa Placentini, written between 1170 and 1180, was Placentinus’ main work and constitutes the most important legal work before the Summa Azonis. It dominated the jurisprudence of its age and lived on in later works. Placentinus worked for a long time in Montpellier, where he founded a school of law which had its heyday under him. After Irnerius died in 1125, his students continued his work on the Corpus iuris civilis. Of these, the Quattuor Doctores are the most well known: Bulgarius, Martinus, Jacobus and Hugo, who gave legal advice to Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa at the Diet of Roncaglia in 1158. A student of the Quattuor Doctores was Rogerius, whose place of birth is as unknown as the rest of his vita; he probably died about 1170. Rogerius began to write a Summa Codicis, covering parts C.1.1. to C.4.57 of the Codex Iustinianus. This incomplete Summa Codicis of Rogerius was continued by Placentinus. His name is the Latinized form of his home town of Piacenza. Since his actual name remained unknown, he went down in legal history under the name Placentinus. He not only completed the Summa of Rogerius with his work on parts C.4.58. to 9.51., of the Codex but also fully revised the parts that had been completed by Rogerius. Placentinus worked on his Summa in Montpellier between 1170 and 1180. The exact length of his stay is uncertain, being put at between 10 and 20 years. Thereafter, he taught again in Bologna. There Placentinus died on 12 February 1192. Placentinus was beyond doubt the most significant jurist of his time. And his Summa is the first complete literary product of the 12th century. Plancentinus, died 1192, an eminent Glossator, founder of the law school of Montpellier, and author of the Summa Codicis. It was the first iuridical textbook of the 12th century. Coing, Handbuch I/201ff. (P.Weimar) mit vielen weiteren Hinweisen und Eröterungen.

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