PANORMITANUS,A. (1386-1445), Opera omnia. 9 parts. Venedig 1588.

PANORMITANUS,A. (1386-1445), Opera omnia. 9 parts. Venedig 1588.

PANORMITANUS, Abbas (Nikolaus de Tudeschis), Commentaria super Decretalium & Clementinarum libros item ad consilia et quaestiones , necnon ad nonnulla aliorum in eadem materia vel consimili inserta: Index ordinarius eidem Repertorio nunc recens permixtus. Venedig, Apud Iuntas, 1588. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2011) together 4.922 Seiten. 9 parts in 7 half-linen volumes. Order-no.: IC-45 ISBN 978-3-940176-01-1 lieferbar / available Most important canonistic works in the late Middle Ages!


Order Number: 490DB

The main work of the learned jurist and cardinal of Palermo is his comprehensive decretal commentary, written between 1420 and 1430. From the mid 15th century, this commentary was regarded more or less as synonymous with the opinio communis both in Roman and Canon law. The commentary is the outstanding achievement in Canon Law in the 15th century. The age of Nikolaus de Tudeschis was marked by the dispute between the Pope and the Council and the question, which was not only a theological but also a power political issue, who enjoyed superiority within the Church: the Pope or the Council. Panormitanus came from Catania, Sicily, and was born into this great schism that split the western world. Nikolaus de Tudeschis joined the Benedict Order at an early age, studied law in Bologna and gained his doctorate there under Zabarella. From 1412 he taught in Bologna but moved to the University of Parma in the same year. From 1418 to 1430 he taught in Siena. In 1434 he was appointed Archbishop of Palermo. Panormitanus frequently attended the Council of Basel as the Pope’s emissary. In 1438 and 1442 he stayed in Frankfurt am Main, lastly at the Diet of Frankfurt. Panormitanus died of the plague in Palermo on 24 February 1445. Coing, Handbuch a.a.O. I, 381 (K.W.Nörr); Schulte, a.a.O. II, 312ff.; Lefebure DDC VI 1195-1215; P. Landau in: Juristen. Ein biographisches Lexikon. A.a.O. S. 470f.; K. W. Nörr, Kirche und Konzil bei Nikolaus de Tudeschis (Panormitanus), Köln 1964.

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