OTTO,E. (1696?-1756), Thesaurus juris Romani. 5 vols., Utrecht 1733.

OTTO,E. (1696?-1756), Thesaurus juris Romani. 5 vols., Utrecht 1733.

OTTO, Everardus (1696-1756), Thesaurus juris Romani continens rariora meliorum interprepretum opsucula, in quibus Jus Romanum emendatur, explicatur, illustratur; Itemque Classicis aliisque Auctoribus haud raro lumen accenditur. Cum praefatione Everardi OTTONIS. Editio secunda auctior & emendatior. With an introduction of Prof. Dr. Govaert C.J.J. van den BERGH, University at Ni Utrecht (Trajecti ad Rhenum), Apud Joannem Broedelet, Bibliopolam. 1733. 4to.. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2007) Zusammen 4.570 S. 5half-linen volumes. Order-no.: IC-13 ISBN 978-3-940176-42-4 lieferbar / available Greatest and very precious collection of textcritic, iuridical treatises! ISBN: 3-936840-08-3


Order Number: 489DB

Everard Otto, one of several German professors who came to the Netherlands after studying law in Halle under Thomasius, Ludewig, J. H. Böhmer and Gundling, was a prominent member of the Dutch Elegant School. In his Thesaurus juris romani, which appeared in Leiden in four volumes in 1725-29 in the first edition, he collected reprints of nearly hundred treatises on humanistic jurisprudence from the foreign and Dutch scholars, that for the greater part had been long out of print and were hard to come by. In the purpose to better the understanding and application of a text from the Corpus juris civili Otto`s Thesaurus provides us with an important collection of scholarly texts treating various aspects of humanistic legal philology, several of which have not been completely superseded by later research. Students of the history of legal scholarship will therefore very much welcome this new edition.

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