CREMONA – Statuta Civitatis Cremonae, Brescia & Cremona 1485-1578.

CREMONA - Statuta Civitatis Cremonae, Brescia & Cremona 1485-1578.

CREMONA – Statuta Civitatis Cremonae accuratius quam antea excusa, et cum archetypo collata. Additis quamplurimis, quae omnia sequenti pagella indicantur. Brescia & Cremona, Per Boninum de Boninis de Ragusia (C.Draconi & P.Bozola), 1485, 15. & 18. November & 157 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2013) (I: 1485) (14) CLXII, (5), XXXVI gezählte Blätter; (II: 1578) Titelblatt mit Wappenholzschnitt, (8), 311, (56) S. (zusammen: 735 S.) 2 parts in one half-linen volume. Order-no.: IC-96 ISBN 978-3-86303-338-5 liferbar / available


Order Number: 460DB

I. Statuta Civitatis Cremonae II. Statuta Mercatorum Civitatis Cremonae CREMONA, a city and episcopal see of Lombardy, the capital of the province of Cremona, situated on the northern bank of the Po, near Milano. The finest building is the cathedral, in the Lombard Romanesque style, begun in 1107 and consecrated in 1190. The wheel window of the main facade dates from 1274. The great Torrazzo, a tower 397 feet high, which stands by the cathedral, and is connected with it by a series of galleries, dates from 1267-1291. The main facade of the cathedral was largely altered in 1491, to which date the statues upon it belong; the protico in front was added in 1497. Cremona was founded by the Romans in 218 B.C, in the same year as Placentia, as an outpost against the Gallic tribes. It was strengthened in 190 B.C. by the sending of 6000 new settlers and soon became one of the most flourishing towns of upper Italy. It probably acquired municipal rights in 90 B.C., but Augustus, owing to the fact that it did not support him, assigned a part of its territory to his veterans in 41 B.C., and henceforth it is once more called colonia. The Commune of Cremona is first mentioned in a document of 1098. The first Statutes of Cremona was created between 1387 and 1390. The first printed edition of the Statues was published in 1578 with annotations and supplements. Coing, Handbuch I, 574/575 (Wolff), insbesondere 580. Manzoni II/155; Senato II/313f.

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