CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS – Editio Haloand. Gesamtausgabe. 7 vols. Nürnberg 1529-31.…

CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS - Editio Haloand. Gesamtausgabe. 7 vols. Nürnberg 1529-31.

CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS – HALOANDER, Gregor (1501-1531), Littera Norica – Gesamtausgabe Corpus Iuris Civilis – Ediert von Gregor Haloander. With an introduction of Prof. Dr. Hans Erich TROJE, University at Frankfurt am Main. Nürnberg, Per Gregorium Haloandrum, 1529, mense Aprilis – 1531. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2013) (I: Digesta) Ttlbl., (44), 2.401, (13) S.; (II: Codex Iustinianus – 1530) Titelblatt, (24), 593, (56) S.; (III: Novellae-1531) Titelblatt, (22), 224, 263, (3) S.; (IV: Institutiones – Ausgaben 1529; 1552; 1560; 1585; 1836; 1903) ) 1.820 S. 7 half-linen volumes. Order-no: IC-99 ISBN 978-3-86303-421-4 available The first critical edition of the Corpus Iuris Civilis in the spirit of the humansitic jurisprudence! ISBN: 3-936840-05-9


Order Number: 458DB

Gregor Haloander (Meltzer) became the focal point of discussions about the best legal sources text and thus about the right law following his editions of the Justinian law sources he had published in Nuremberg between 1529 and 1531. Haloander had gathered most of the material for his edition during his first Italian travels from which he returned early 1528. He needed hardly a year for preparing the galley proofs for the digest edition, which appeared in April 1529. For the community of European jurists, the results were of the highest quality, regarded as akin to a scholarly revolution. The entire text was revised.

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