BRENCMAN,H.(1681-1736), Historia Pandectarum, Utrecht 1722.

BRENCMAN,H.(1681-1736), Historia Pandectarum, Utrecht 1722.

BRENCMAN, Henrik (1681-1736), Historia Pandectarum, seu Fatum Exemplaris Florentini accedit gemina dissertatio de Amalphi. Henricus BRENCMANNUS Gemina Dissertatio altera: De Republica Amalphitana: altera: De Amalphi a Pisanis Direpta utraque ad illustrandum Historiam Pandectarum. Georg Christian GEBAUER (1690-1773)Narratio de Henrico Brenkmanno de manuscriptis Brenkmannianis de suis in Corpore Juris Civilis conatibus et laboribus. With an introduction of Prof. Dr. Bernard H. STOLTE, University at Groningen. Utrecht (Trajecti ad Rhenum), Apud Guilielmum vande Water, 1722. 8vo. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2014). Titelblatt mit Vignette (Ansicht von Utrecht), (32), 810, (2) S. (zusammen-together) Half-linen. Order-no.: IC-4 ISBN 978-3-940176-05-9 available The best and most comprehensive introduction to the edition history of the Digest! ISBN: 3-936840-03-2


Order Number: 446DB

The Historia Pandectarum is the most detailed introduction to the digest and has not been surpassed even today, not even by Mommsen`s praefatio on the editio maior. Stolte`s introduction presents readers with the problem of the text tradition of the digest from Brenkman`s viewpoint, with the latter`s life and work woven in. After placing the Codex Florentinus in the context of its edition history, Stolte traces out the developments, initiated by Brenkman, surpressed by Mommsen, and in recent times the center of attention for researchers. The objective was a closer examination of the manuscript tradition in the period following the vulgate, along with the copies printed since the end of the 15th century.

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