BERTACHINUS,I. (1448-1492), Repertorium. 4 Bde., Lyon 1595.

BERTACHINUS,I. (1448-1492), Repertorium. 4 Bde., Lyon 1595.

BERTACHINUS, Ioannes (1448-1492), Repertorium, olim quidem Io.Thierry locupletatum: nuper etiam Aemilii Mariae Manolessi magna parte auctum. Prima (….quarta) pars. Lyon, Ohne Druckerangabe (Denis de Harsy ?): 1595. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2013) Zusammen 2.700 Seiten. (I. & II.:) Titelblatt mit Druckersignet, (1), 416 gezählte Blätter – 326num.Bll (recte 324). (III. & IV:) Signet, 2nn.Bll., 357num.Bll.; 254num.Bll. 4 half-linen volumes.. Order-no.:IC-139 ISBN 978-3-86303-158-9 available Most important and greatest legal lexicon in the late medieval time.


Order Number: 443DB

I: A (Aaron) – Dux quis II: Ebrietas prius – Kyrie eleeson III: Labor – Quousque IV: Radens nomen – Zoroastres The archetype of the comprehensive legal lexicon is to be found not only in the dictionarium iuris of Albericus de Rosate but also the colossal Repertorium Iuris of Ioannes Bertachinus, which was compiled after 1471. It was first printed in Rome by Georg Lauer in 1481. Ioannes Bertachinus (1448-1492), born in Fermo, studied law at Padua under Francesco Capilisti and Antonio Roselli, gained his doctorate there in 1465 (presumed) and was appointed deputy to the city magistrate of Siena, later judge in Tolentino. He went on to become a judge in Florence. Pope Sixtus IV. appointed him advocatus consistorialis, a post he still held when he died in Rome in 1497. The great legal lexicon of Bertachinus is more than a word or head word dictionary, containing as it does the legal rules of the individual legal doctrines. It provides information not only on canon and Roman law but also about procedural law. The head words are arranged alphabetically rather than by topic. As a rule, a definition or explanation precedes the head word, which is then followed by the description, presentation and frequently the differing opinions of writers and also information on the references. Coing, Handbuch I, 351 (Horn): “Dem Typ des enzyklopädischen Rechtslexikons mit sachlichen Erläuterungen und umfassender Verarbeitung der Literatur gehört das 1471 entstandene Repertorium des Bertachinus Firmanis an, das unter allen Nachschlagewerken durch umfassende Ausarbeitung und nachhaltigen Erfolg auszeichnet.”

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