ALEXANDER ab Alexandro (1461-1523), Dies geniales, Rom 1522-1532.

ALEXANDER ab Alexandro (1461-1523), Dies geniales, Rom 1522-1532.

ALEXANDER ab Alexandro (1461-1523), DIES GENIALES. Nequis opus ecudebat denuo infra Septennium. Sub duris imprecationibus, apostilca authoritate, interdictum est. Rom & Paris, In aedibus Iacobi Mazochii academiae bibliopolae & apud Petrum sub insigni D. Barbarae; excudendum curabat Gerardus Morrhius Campensis, 1522-1532. Quart. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2013) (I: 1522) Ttlbl., (4) (5), CCLXXXV, (2) gezählte Blätter; 186 S.; (II: 1532) Titelblatt mit Vignette, (30), 194, (1)gez. Bll. (zusammen: 1.034 S.) Two parts in one Half-linen! Order-no.: IC-233 ISBN 3-936840-43-1 lieferbar Classic work of rediscovery of the ancient world by the jurist! ISBN: 3-936840-43-1


Order Number: 435DB

The juridical rediscovery of the ancient world as a place where a “ratio scripta”, a ideal qua timeless legal order was born began with the work “Dies Geniales”! In European history of epistemology it is practically a rule that an enormous burst of innovation is preceded by a reflection on classical antiquity. In legal science, the 19th century (Savigny and the Historical School) and above all the 16th century are examples for this renaissance of the ancient intellectual world. One work enjoys a unique position in this rediscovery of ancient thinking. Alexander d´Alessandro, a Neapolitan legal scholar, intensively studied the classical languages and culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans. His highly learned, brilliantly written book was in essence the seminal work that founded humanist jurisprudence, even though law was only a minor topic in it. The work demonstrates the high level of learning jurists not only strove for from this point on but also achieved for a long time to come. The “dies geniales” was more than familiar to any jurist of the 16th to 18th centuries. For example, the great Alciat describes in his letters the great impression the work, which first appeared in 1522, made on him. The book is a veritable treasure chest of the ancient world, a classic of humanist jurisprudence.

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