ANDERSON,E., Les Reports. London 1664-65.

ANDERSON,E., Les Reports. London 1664-65.

ANDERSON, Edmund, Les Reports du Treserudite Edmund Anderson del Common-Bank. des multsprincipals Cases argues & adjuges en le temps del jadis Roign ELIZABETH cibien en le COMMON-BANK come devant touts les JUGES de cest ROIALME, colligees & escries per luy mesme & imprimees per l`Original ore remaneant en les maines del Imprimeur. London, printed by T. R. for Andrew Crook, Henry Twyford, Gabriel Bedell, Thomas Dring and John Place, and are to be sold at their Shops, 1664-1665. Klein-Folio. (1: 1664) Titelblatt, (10), 354, (32) S.; (2: 1665) Kupferportrait von Anderson, Titelblatt, (6), 211, (18) S. Zeitgemäßer Halblederband mit Buntpapier auf den Buchdeckeln.


Order Number: 2876HB

These Reports have always been in fair repute, and are still regarded as good authority in Westminster Hall. They consist of notes of cases taken while the reporter was at the bar, and after he was raised to the bench. His report of Chudleigh`s case is said to be much better than Lord Coke`s “Chief Justice Anderson was a profound and industrious lawyer; and it is evident from the reports of proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas in his time, that he was assidous in his attendance, and singularly ready in the application of his great learning to the legal questions which were moved before him.” ( Marvin 60-61)

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