ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), Commentaria omnia, Lyon 1559-61: Fradin.

ALCIAT,A.(1492-1550), Commentaria omnia, Lyon 1559-61: Fradin.

ALCIAT, Andreas (1492-1550), Commerntaria (Opera omnia). With an introduction of Dr. iur. Jochen OTTO, lawyer in Frankfurt am Main. Tomus primus (….sextus, pars unica) et Index quadrigeminus. Lyon, Petrus Fradin excudebat, 1559-1561. 4to. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2015) Titelblätter, LII, 3.212 S. 7 parts in 3 half-linen-vols. Order-no.: IC-252 ISBN 978-3-86303-560-0 available ISBN: 3-936840-00-8


Order Number: 1444HB

1-Tomi primi Pars primas & secunda: Digestorum titulos aliquot Commentaria 2-Tomi secundi Pars prima & secunda: Digestorum titulos aliquot Commentaria 3-Tomi tertii Pars prima & secunda: In Digestorum titulos aliquot Commentaria 4-Tomi quarti Pars prima & secunda: Codicis Iustinanei titulos aliquot Commentaria 5-Tomi quinti Pars unica: Decretalium titulos aliquot Commentaria. 6-Tomi sexti Pars unica: Tractatus, Orationes, Adnotationes in C. Tacitum, & Emblemata 7-Index in Commentaria & Tractatus The most comprehensive complete edition of the works of Andreas Alciat (1492-1550), the great Milan jurist and founder of humanist jurisprudence, appeared in Lyon in 1559-1561.The editior was his nephew, Franciscus Alciatus, who followed in the chair of his uncle in Pavia in the year Abdreas Alciat dies (1550). Later, in Rome, Pope Pius IV. appointed him cardinal and contributor to a new ecclesiastical issue of the corpus iuris canonici (published 1582). Francesco Alciato tried to persuade Isingrin in Basel to extend his opera omnia edition which Andreas Alciat himself had supervised (Basel 1546-47), to cover all Alciat`s works including his lectures. But the as ever hesitant Isingrin failed to respond, presumably because the opera omnia Alciati was not as successful as hade been hoped. Now Franciscus Alciatus won over the renown jurist Pratejus as collaborator and prepared his own complete edition. Pratejus arranged all the works, lectures and commentaries as per the order of the Justinian law books so as to increase the usability of the edition. A year later, Franciscus Alciatus added the previously unpublished consilia sive responsa. All the complete editions that subsequently appeared followd the Lyon edition. Andreas ALCIAT 1492: geboren am 8. Mai in Alzate nähe Mailand 1507: nach philologischen Studien Beginn des Rechtsstudiums an der Universität Padua zuwandte. Seine Lehrer waren Jason de Mayno und Philippus Decius. 1511-14: Wechsel an die Universität Bologna (1511-1514). 1516: am18. März promovierte er in Ferrara. 1519: Nach einer kurzen Tätigkeit als Advokat in Mailand wurde er nach Avignon berufen 1522: Rückkehr nach Mailand wegen der in Avignon auftretenden Pest 1527: Im Herbst wieder in Avignon nahm er einen Ruf an die Universität Bourges an 1529: triumphaler Einzug in Bourges; am 23.April begann Andreas Alciat seine Vorlesungen in Bourge 1533: Rückkehr nach Italien 1533: bis 1537 Rechtslehrer an der Universität Pavia, danach in Mailand 1542: bis 1546 in Ferrara 1546: ab 15. November wieder in Pavia 1550: gestorben am 12. Januar

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