CODEX IUSTINIANUS – Deutsche Übersetzung. 2 Bde. Leipzig 1832.

CODEX IUSTINIANUS - Deutsche Übersetzung. 2 Bde. Leipzig 1832.

CODEX IUSTINIANUS – in`s Deutsche übersetzt von einem Vereine Rechtsgelehrter und herausgegeben von Carl Eduard OTTO, Bruno SCHILLING und Carl Friedrich Ferdinand SINTENIS. Leipzig, Verlag von Carl Focke, 1832. Oktav. (Reprint Vico Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2013) (I: Codex Iustinianus 1-6) XIV, 1.104 S.; (II: Codex Iustinianus 7-12) 852 S. 2 Halbleinenbände. (C.I.C. Band 5 & 6) Bestellnr.: IC-93 ISBN: 978-3-86303-289-0 lieferbar / available


Order Number: 1326HB

The Emperor Justinianus A.D. 528 appointed a commission of 10 to comile a new collection of imperial constitutions. The constitutions were to be grouped under titles and within each title arrenged chronologically. The Code (Codex Iustinianus) was published in 529 but remained in force only until 534. SAave for fragments the text has not survived. After the compilation of the Digest (Digesta Iustiniani) and Institutes (Institutiones Iustiniani) the first Code was no longer reliable and a commission of five was appointed to prepare a revised version, again with wide powers of alteration and omission, powers which appear to have been extensively used. It is impossible to know how far the earlier Code was modified, but the changes seem have been substantial. it was published under the title Codex repetitae praelectionis in 534 and superseded both earlier Code and constitutions subsequent to it. It is divided into 12 books, each subdivided into titles ann the constitutions therein in chronological order. The Code was extensively commented on by mediaeval and early modern jurists.

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